Two beautiful boys available

We have available very handsome boys to the right homes. From the last litter of Abigail. Abigail is a very small female with strong body, good health, brave character and heart for sports. Boys will be rather small, they are very similar, only one boy is darker than his brother. 
Only to show & coursing homes! 

International Dog Show Kołobrzeg (PL)

MODERATO CANTABILE du Merle Blanc V1 CAC CACIB and Best Dog!!!! 

Photo credit Szczepan Głuszczak
Very special boy is available 

More info in "puppies" section.

Double International Dog Show Klagenfurt (A) 

 Stupor Mundi JAYASHRI on Saturday won resCAC, on Sunday CAC
Description: "very nice head and expression, correct eyes shape and ear set, well developed chest, good front and rear angulations, correct tail set, moves well"
Congratulations Thomas! 

National Dog Show Szczecin (PL)

Stupor Mundi D'ARTAGNAN excellent note, first place with CAC, Best Dog and Best of Opposite Sex!
Thank to judge sighthound specialist Hanna Woźna Gil (PL).
Congratulations to the owners!  

 We have puppies !!!
A beautiful bunch of sweet and adorable puppies. More info in "puppies" section.


Hunting Dogs Specialty Show Antoninek (PL)

Stupor Mundi D'ARTAGNAN got first place in intermediate class with an excellent note and CAC then won title Best Dog and finally Best of Breed !!!
Judge: Adam Ostrowski (PL)
Huge congratulations to the owners! 

Hunting Dogs Specialty Show Manowo (PL)

MODERATO CANTABILE du Merle Blanc first place with CAC and title Best Dog, Best of Breed !!! On finals 4th in Group !
Thank to judge Piotr Król (PL) 

National Dog Show Inowrocław (PL)

MODERATO CANTABILE du Merle Blanc first place with CAC and title Best Dog.
Thank judge Bogusława Szydłowicz - Polańczyk (PL)

National Dog Show Grudziądz (PL)

MODERATO CANTABILE du Merle Blanc first place with CAC, title Best Dog and Best of Breed !!!
Thank to judge Adam Ostrowski (PL)

International Dog Show Opole (PL)

MODERATO CANTABILE du Merle Blanc 4th place with excellent note and beautiful description from Italian judge Marco Marabotto:
"Excellent head and expression, excellent proportions of head, excellent scull, eyes and ears, excellent neck, excellent topline, excellent croup and tail, excellent underline, excellent angulations front and back"
Unfortunately he wasn't in show mood this day that's why "only" fourth place. 

National Dog Show Włocławek

Stupor Mundi D'ARTAGNAN first place with CAC and title Best Dog !
Judge Leszek Siejkowski (PL)
Congratulations to owners!

International Dog Show Zielona Góra (PL)
Stupor Mundi D'ARTAGNAN got excellent note and in a big competition won Reserve CACIB. 2nd Best Dog
Judge: sighthound specialist Tomasz Kuszyk (PL)
Big congratulations to owners!

Champion of Champion's Show Leszno (PL)

Stupor Mundi D'ARTAGNAN 2nd Best Dog!!!! Congratulations!!!

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