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Exciting news. April 12 Xuxa gave birth to four puppies: 2 males and 2 females, all blue color.
All went natural, fast and really well. Xuxa is amazing mother and puppies are strong, healthy and very lively for their age. They gain weight about 30-40 grams every day. Very calm, relax time for me watching them now. 

Coefficient of inbreeding for 5 generations: 0% 


 Stupor Mundi

RESERVED to Poland


Stupor Mundi INDIE

Sold to Estonia


Stupor Mundi


Stupor Mundi



Italian Greyhound puppies available

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Proud Parents are this wonderful couple:

Italian Greyhound puppies available
Italian Greyhound puppies available

International Beauty Champion
Latvian Champion
Estonian Champion
Lithuanian Champion
Baltic States Champion
Polish Champion
Baltic Junior Champion
Latvian Junior Champion
Estonian Junior Champion
Lithuanian Junior Champion
Baltic Winner 2017 
Lithuanian Winner 2017
Latvian Winner 2016
Latvian Winner 2015
Baltic Winner 2015
Ogre Winner 2015
Riga Winner 2015
Swedish Junior Winner 2015
Lithuanian Junior Winner 2015
Vilnius Cup Junior Winner 2015
Vilnius Cup Winner 2016
Estonian Winner 2016
Kika Cup 2017 Winner

eyes: no signs of hereditary diseases 
PL 0/0 

Champion of Poland
Champion of Bulgaria
Junior Winner of Poland
Junior Champion of Poland
Junior Champion of Bulgaria
Junior Champion of Serbia

eyes: no signs of hereditary diseases
heart: clear
PL 0/0 
Romeo is an elegant boy with excellent proportions. Perfect built body and clean, very deep blue color. Beautiful, harmonious moving. His pedigree is full of healthy and long lived dogs. Stable and sociable character. (He passed temperament test). Xuxa is a very beautiful, elegant, delicate female with beautiful curves. Has deep chest, excellent angulation, elegant head with roundish eyes, long neck, beautiful movement. She has very lovely temperament: loves everyone and she's always ready to kiss and cuddle. So sweet that's why we call her "Candy".

If you are interested in one of my puppies drop me an email

Italian Greyhound puppies available

We raise Italian Greyhound puppies with the best possible care. We put a lot of effort into the early socialization and healthy feeding of our puppies, to make sure that they arrive at their new owners in a best possible form.

Upon purchase, puppies will have been examined by a vet, parasite-free and will have received their first course of vaccinations. Of course, all of them will have FCI pedigree and will have an identification Microchip.

We are very happy to stay in touch with new owners of our puppy for it´s whole life. We are willing to offer assistance and advice in any questions you might have. We also offer you our support and help during all dog's life. We recommend our puppies for dog shows also competitions: coursing, racing, agility, obedience, flyball, etc. We are always pleased with any success.

If you think, you could be a responsible owner of one of our puppies, you are welcome to  contact us.

Italian Greyhound PUPPIES

Our breeding

We established "STUPOR MUNDI" because of our passion and love for the Italian Greyhounds.

As it usually is with most people that are dog lovers, we always had dogs in our home, but not one of them possessed our hearts as an Italian Greyhound. Up to this point in our life we have had many breeds of dogs. They were all wonderful dogs and have a special place in our hearts but, as a breed they can't compare to the Italian Greyhound. Italian Greyhound with its versatility is a very special one and has taken over our hearts. The Italian Greyhound happy outgoing attitude combined with their sporting nature makes them the perfect loving companion and in our opinion the best breed there is.

STUPOR MUNDI is a small show/hobby breeding dedicated to improving the Italian Greyhound breed. We strive for excellence in all facets of the breed. Quality Breeding & Quality Care and dogs are the highpoint for us. We believe breeding is truly an art form, which requires a deep passion, commitment, talent and love. We breed for temperament, health, beauty and elegance.

All our puppies are with pedigree. We are a member of the Polish Kennel Club and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale. The Pedigree is valid for all countries of FCI, AKC, CKC, KC.

Our puppies available only for homes where they will be beloved pets and companions, which means to live WITHIN THE OWNER'S FAMILY not in the cage! We place our pups with active, responsible caring individuals who has the time, knowledge. Ability, facilities, patient, resources to provide a good, permanent home where the pup will live a long, happy, secure life. The buyer must have researched the breed, be willing to accept the responsibilities that goes along with Italian Greyhound ownership.

Our pups are born in the house (not in the pen or kennel). Dam is being monitored and receives veterinary care before, during and after giving birth. Babies stay in the house all the time and have daily contact with people and family pets to assure their early socialization which we find essential for their future development into intelligent and agreeable individuals.

Since breeding is only a hobby of ours we might not have a pup ready for you tomorrow so reserving one of our dogs might require time and patience. Our show prospect puppies are available to approved show homes.