OH STUPOR MUNDI des Princes de Minos
Montenegro Champion
Montenegro Grand Champion
Best of Group
Best of Breed

Lure Coursing and Racing License 

color: blue
height: 36cm
weight: 4,6kg
scissors bite, full set of teeth
eyes: clear
heart: clear
PL: 0/0
thyroid: in norm
PCAG (glaucoma): N/N

Gala, also known among her friends as Party, is the result of my search for a healthy, fit Italian Greyhound, with strong family roots; an Italian Greyhound as beautiful as it is fast, who will be perfect both in the show ring and on the racetrack. At my request, she was chosen for me by the breeder as the best and most promising of the litter. Her pedigree combines the best breeding lines from Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden. This means she has a very high genetic diversity and, among other reasons, it is my great breeding hope.

I remember like today the moment when I picked her up from the breeder in France. Big, dark eyes full of peace and composure, even in such a young puppy. She endured being "taken away" from her family home and then flying to Poland with a break in Amsterdam with, now I know, typical dignity for her. From the very first moment she was calm and composed - she remains that way to this day. Her well-balanced temperament makes her my emotional support in difficult times. She is a dog who had no problems growing up and knows exactly what is expected of her before it is said. A wonderful life companion.



Inbred coefficient: 0 (0%)
AVK (Ancestor Loss Coefficient): 0%
Calculted for 5 generations

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