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The Fifteenth Day

The girls begin serious interactions between them.
Puppies also have got their pedicure session.


The Fourteenth Day

Today all the puppies have opened their eyes. Nadene as the first one feels more boldly and behaves more boldly. Today she attacked and caught her first prey - younger sister.


The Thirteenth Day

Our Nadene is again the first one - she has opened her eyes!



The Twelfth Day

The puppies eyes start to open... We can see little slits in their eyes so eyes will fully open in the next few days.
Pups don't like to be alone. When we hold them on our hand they cuddle up to us.


The Eleventh Day

and also the first day of walking! The first one was Nadene - that surprised us because she is the smallest girl.


The Tenth Day

and we are continuing our battle against puppy colic. Today we have two girls with this disorder. Poor babies... We do what we can and after our hard work we finally get succes! In the afternoon all girls fall asleep and it's so quiet now!


The Ninth day

is a Colic Day. This gastronomical disorder got the most greedy girl. All day and night we do warm compresses and massages. The only one who got enough sleep is Natan - he remains calm as always.


The Eighth Day

We got a beautiful gift today - lovely card with our babies.
Thank you Francien for your wonderful present!!!

* Francien Roele is an artist - she makes amazing cards from photos. You can see some of her work here: Italianwhipphoto


The Seventh Day

Puppies are doing longer intervals between meals and Abi decided to start teaching babies to be self reliant - she goes outside the whelping box between feeding the puppies.
Girls have got a hot water bottle with plush cover


The Sixth Day

Girls finally got their names. The first one - isabel girl is NAILAH. This name has been waiting a long time to be used... We have been looking for a name for a second girl because names which we prepared didn't fit to her. Finally won NADENE which means "Hope". Third girl got an elvish name - NORIN. It means "Fire Queen" - this little creature is just exactly like this.


The Fifth Day :)

Pups double their birth weight. No wonder - they are eating all the time! Abi is a very careful mother - she doesn't want to get off in whelping box even if I offer her food so I'm using my hand to feed her...

Italian Greyhound puppies


The Fourth Day of Life :)

Puppies gain weight very fast. The biggest one is the third girl. Girls were very calm today when we did exercises with them. It was a second time and they have already accepted this new situation. Good omen! We also tried to take some photos - but it was Mission Impossible. We finally got only one sharp image.

Italian Greyhound puppies


The Third Day :)

We have a Big Day today - we start "Super Dog" program. We will do many stimulation exercices every day. The benefits are: improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate), stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress and greater resistance to disease. Stimulated pups are more active and more exploratory than non-stimulated.


The Second Day of Life :)

Puppies eat all the time and sometimes they sleep... Some of them sleep in very strange positions:

Italian Greyhound puppies


The First Day of Life.

Proud Mum takes a rest... I keep my eye on the babies. All girls are strong and very hungry :)

Italian Greyhound puppies


Finally! They are! After a long night Abi gave birth to 3 females. 
She is very tired but also very happy. Good girl!

Italian Greyhound puppies


Abi looks like she enjoys pregnancy. She is full of energy and wants to play all the time. What a girl!


Natan says that he wants to be pregnant and get such beautiful house.

STUPOR MUNDI Italian Greyhound kennel


A whelping box is ready. It looks like Abi is happy.

STUPOR MUNDI Italian Greyhound kennel

STUPOR MUNDI Italian Greyhound kennel

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