Registered name: Stupor Mundi SOPHISTICATION

Litter "S"

Breed: Italian Greyhound

Sex: male

Colour: blue with white little spot on a chest (heart shape)

D.o.b.: August 9th, 2022

Class: show quality

Status: sold

Beautiful clean blue colour (it's very rare shade of blue in this breed). Very human oriented, could sit on laps all the time. Low level of energy. Sensitive and gentle. Brave and open attitude. Clone of his great grandfather - NATAN z Ochoczej - very similar mentally and physically.

October 10th 2022 he had echocardiographic examination: heart clear.

October 11th 2022 he had ophthalmic examination: eyes clear - international certificate.

6 weeks

charcik wloski szczeniaki

charcik wloski szczeniaki
charcik wloski szczeniaki

charcik wloski szczeniaki

5 weeks

Italian Grehound puppy
Italian Greyhound puppies
Italian Greyhound kennel
Italian Greyhound breeder
Italiensk Mynde
Italian Sighthound
Italian Greyhound puppy

4 weeks

21 days

14 days

6 days

1st day


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